27/02/2020 Germany

Arriving flights at Brussels and Munich airports are delayed because of severe weather.
Flights disrupted at Frankfurt, Frankfurt–Hahn and Stuttgart airports as snow moves through country.

27/02/2020 US

Winter storm in northeast cancels, delays flights at Buffalo Airport in New York.

27/02/2020 South Africa

Power outage suspends Metrorail services across Western Cape.

27/02/2020 Italy - Coronavirus UPDATE

Top news

UK: British Airways cancels more than 20 flights between London's Heathrow Airport and Milan because of COVID-19 outbreak
British Airways has canceled a number of flights between Heathrow Airport and Italy due to the coronavirus outbreak and consequent "reduced demand". Travelers flying with BA to northern Italy can change their flights free of charge up until March 2.

Hungary: Wizz Air to cut flight frequency to some destinations between 11 March and 2 April because of COVID-19
Reuters reported that an email statement from Wizz Air Holdings PLC released on Thursday, 27 February 2020, said the Hungarian airline plans to cut flight frequency to "some destinations, including Italy" because of COVID-19. The frequency of some flights will reportedly be decreased between 11 March and 2 April 2020. This move comes as demand declines amid the COVID-19 epidemic, the statement further indicated. Wizz Air does not plan to suspend the routes. It will service them at a lower capacity. Travelers affected will be notified at least 15 days in advance and will be "fully reimbursed," Reuters reported. Local Authorities introduced thermal scanning devices in Budapest and Debrecen airports for passengers arriving from Lombardy and Veneto, and quarantine measures if COVID-19-compatible symptoms detected. From February 26, health-checks are underway at land borders.

Germany: Authorities ask anyone who got in contact with infected people to immediately contact health autorithies. Anyone who traveled in risky areas (Lodi province and Vo' Euganeo) are invited to stay home and avoid contact with other people. If severe respiratory symptoms occur, they have to phone local health authorities. Generally speaking, people who traveled other areas where coronavirus has been detected are invited to phone a doctor only if coronavirus symptoms occur in 14 days since their arrival in Germany.

Russia: Russia will suspend the train service from Moscow to the southern French city of Nice from March 4, the TASS news agency reported on Thursday citing the Ministry of Transport. The ministry said the train link would be suspended until further notice as part of wider measures aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus in Russia. The train runs through Belarus, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and Monaco.

All countries updates

Bahrain: On February 27 airport authorities added Italy to the entry-banned countries' list (already listing China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea and Iran. Authorities distinct between tourists from Italy (forbidden to entry the country) and Bahrein-resident travelers from Italy. The latters are distinct in symptomatic ones (to be allocated in hospital isolation for necessary investigations) and asymptomatic ones (who have to go in voluntary isolation for 14 days and be constantly monitored). If they are found positive to coronavirus, they'll be moved in hospital facilities by local authorities.
Please check Bahrein's Health Department issued measures (https://www.moh.gov.bh/HealthInfo/NovelCorona), official press agency (https://www.bna.bh/en/) and your BCD team for specific info on your airlines. Authorities could issue new restrictions with very short notice.

Cape Verde: authorities ordered direct charter flights from Italy to be suspended.

Chile: local authorities ordered that, starting on February 28, all passengers entering Chile have to sign a sworn statement about their past trips in the previous month. From March 2, airport controls will be strengthened. Passengers traveling from countries where coronavirus spread (Italy, South Korea, Japan, China in particular) will be interviewed and possibly undergo medical controls in airport labs. For further info, check Health Office website https://www.minsal.cl/ministerio-de-salud-anuncia-nuevas- medidas-para-detectar-casos-de-covid-19/ and Nuevo Pudahuel airport website https://www.nuevopudahuel.cl/

Czech Republic: authorities announced dedicated gates and thermal scanners for body temperature monitoring for passengers arriving from Italy. If symptoms occur, airport med-staff will take care of passengers.

Ecuador: Health Department Officer announced health controls for travelers arriving from Italy, China, Iran and South Korea. If COVID-19 symptoms are detected, local authorities will dispose further investigations and possible quarantine in dedicated areas.

Eritrea: local authorities announced that, starting from February 27, Italian citizens entering Eritrea will be quarantined for 14 days in a dedicated hospital facility 'Villaggio Community Hospital' near Asmara.

Estonia: authorities strongly suggest to anyone who traveled China, Lombardy, Veneto, Piedmont or Emilia Romagna to monitor possible symptoms occurring in 14 days after arriving in Estonia. Authorities suggest them to stay home for 14 days. If symptoms occur, Terviseamet Health Office suggests to get in touch with med-staff.

Ethiopia, Ethiopia Airlines: In the light of ongoing concerns about the corona virus, Ethiopian Airlines feels it is important to state categorically that Ethiopian’s first priority is to our crew and passengers’ safety. Ethiopian is following the recommendations from the WHO, Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and Ministry of Health, taking all precautions to prevent spreading the virus. Currently all operations from Milano, Malpensa and Rome, Fiumicino are operating regularly with onward connections to any respective final destination. Due to changed country entry restrictions at destination for passengers originating from Italy, Ethiopian urges all passengers/agents to check entry limitation of their final destination with the competent immigration authorities of each country. Change and refund waivers are in place on tickets issued to those destinations where an official entry country restriction has been imposed. Get in touch with your BCD team for further info.

India: on February 26, authorities announced passengers arriving from Italy or who have been in Italy since February 10 could be quarantined for 14 days. Non-Indian citizens who are now in China and having a regular Indian visa issued before 05/02/2020 are forbidden to enter the country. If urgent reasons occur, they can contact Indian embassy in Bejing and Consulates in Shanghai and Guangzhou to get another visa. Visa issued starting from 06/02/2020 are still valid. Non-Indian citizens who have traveled China since 15/01/2020 are forbidden to entry India. China airport transit is excluded from current restrictions.

Nicaragua: Nicaragua strengthened controls at borders and health checks. At borders, travelers arriving from countries at risk (Italy included) are interviewed (about personal data, travel timeline, health conditions). If symptoms occur, travelers will be isolated while further investigations are conducted. Asymptomatic travelers arriving from countries at risk will be addressed to local Health Office's units and required to share their movements till the 14th day from exit the risky country.

North Macedonia: land and air borders all passengers have to be verbally checked by survey to detect possible risk factors (origin and transit included). If COVID-19 symptoms or contacts with ill people are detected, futher investigations will be carried out in dedicated facilities in airports or at borders. Infected people will be isolated in Skopje, Veles, Shtip and Gostivar hospitals. Authorities may dispose further restrictions concerning travelers from risky areas (e.g. Italy).

Polonia: authorities suggest to anyone traveled Northern Italy in last 14 days to monitor possible symptoms and immediately contact health centers if anything suspicious occur or if they suspect to have got in touch with ill people. For further info,
https://gis.gov.pl/aktualnosci/informacja-glownego-inspektora-sanitarnego-dla-osob-powracajacych-z-polnocnych-wloch/) (in Polish). Thermal scanners controls are to provide contact information. If symptoms are detected, health authorities will put in place necessary measures.

Saint Lucia: local authorities disposed anyone traveled (or transited) Italy, China (Hong Kong excluded), Singapore, Japan or South Korea in 14 days before arriving to Saint Lucia will be quarantined for 14 days.

Saudi Arabia: authorities ordered temporarly entry ban for travelers with touristic visas from countries with confirmed coronavirus cases (Italy included). Restrictions apply to Umrah and Prophet's Mosque in Medina too.
Saudi citizens and Gulf Cooperation Council citizens are temporarly forbidden to travel with their ID document only, passport is required. Thermal scanners are active. If symptoms are detected, authorities order further health measures.

Taiwan: All Chinese citizens are forbidden to entry Taiwan. The entry ban applies to foreign citizens who are residents in China (Hong Kong and Macao included) and is extended to anyone who traveled those areas in the previous 14 days (business/family reunification visas excluded, but required to be quarantined). Taiwanese citizens arriving from China, Hong Kong and Macao will be quarantined for 14 days. Transit travelers will be required to go on home-isolation.
Starting from February 27, all travelers arriving from Italy will have to go in home-isolation for 14 days.
All passengers entering Taiwan are required to sign a statement including trips timeline for the previous 14 days. Italy has already suspended flights to/from Taiwan. International cruise ships cannot enter Taiwanese ports.

Tajikistan: authorities order 14-days quarantine in dedicated facilities for travelers arriving from Italy, Iran, China, South Korea. Direct flights and food import from China have been suspended.

27/02/2020 Global - Coronavirus UPDATE

Kuwait on Japan, Singapore: Kuwait suspends all flights to and from Singapore and Japan due to the increase in the incidence of new cases of Corona virus in both countries.

US on Mongolia: US advises its nationals to reconsider travel and reports transport restrictions in country.

Iraq on Kuwait and Bahrain: Iraqi government extends travel ban to Kuwait and Bahrain and prohibits public gatherings until 7 March due to coronavirus outbreak. Iraqi citizens are now also banned from travelling to the nine countries which are China, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Italy, Bahrain, and Kuwait, the minister said in a decree seen by Reuters. He also ordered the suspension of schools and university and the closure of cinemas, cafes, clubs, and other public gathering spots nationwide from Feb. 27 to March 7.

Delta Airlines, JetBlue, Hawaiian Airlines (US) on South Korea: Delta to reduce flights to South Korea until 30 April; JetBlue waives fees until 11 March. From Saturday through April 30, Delta is suspending service between Minneapolis/St. Paul and Seoul-Incheon. Delta will also reduce to five times weekly its services between Seoul and Atlanta, Detroit and Seattle through April 30. The airline’s new service from Seoul-Incheon to Manila, previously scheduled to begin on March 29, will now start on May 1. Also on Wednesday, Hawaiian Airlines Inc said it would suspend its five-times-weekly service between Honolulu and Seoul-Incheon beginning on Monday through April 30. JetBlue Airways Corp said that starting on Thursday through March 11, it would suspend change and cancel fees for new flight bookings for travel completed by June 1.

Pakistan on Iran: Pakistan on Thursday shut schools in several areas and suspended flights to and from Iran to try to stop the spread of new coronavirus, after reporting its first cases of the infection, officials said.

Armenia on Iran: Armenian land borders with Iran are temporarly closed and flights to/from Iran are suspended. Thermal scanning controls are required for all passengers arriving at Jerevan airport.

Turkey on Iran: authorities ordered flights suspension to/from Iran. Airport health controls have been stregthened. Thermal scanners are active at Istanbul airport. If symptoms are detected, local authorities can order specific measures. In its initial communique, the agency clarified that Iranian airliners that were not carrying passengers would be allowed to land in Turkey and return to Iran with passengers. However, such aircraft would not be allowed to transport Turkish nationals on their return flights to Iran. Unconfirmed reports indicate that, shortly after the announcement, two Iranian passenger aircraft en route to Istanbul from Tehran turned around before entering Turkish airspace and returned to their point of origin.

Guinea Bissau: local authorities ordered body temperature monitoring at Bissau airport. If symptoms occur, arriving passengers will be moved to local WHO offices to be treated.

Luxembourg: authorities recommend to get in touch with Health Inspection phoning +352 247 85 650 or 112, if symptoms occur. They'll be asked about trips or transit in risky areas and contacts with people arriving from affected countries, and they'll be addressed to a dedicated facility. Health Office updates in real time about areas at risk: http://sante.public.lu/fr/prevention/coronavirus-00/index.html

Philippines: all foreign citizens who have traveled China, Hong Kong and Macao are forbidden to enter Philippines in the following 14 days. Permanent resident visas, spouses/children of Philippine citizens are exceptions, but they'll have to be quarantined for 14 days. All flights to/from China have been suspended. Permanent residents in Hong Kong and Macao are the only ones allowed to travel from Philippines. Same measures apply to travelers from Southkorean province of Gyeongsang Nord.

Bahrein: Bahrain suspends flights from Dubai and Sharjah another 48 hours, to and from Iraq and Lebanon indefinitely because of COVID-19. The temporary suspension of all flights to Bahrain from Dubai and Sharjah has been extended for a further 48 hours. Bahrain has also suspended flights to and from Iraq and Lebanon indefinitely.

Russia: Russia will suspend the train service from Moscow to the southern French city of Nice from March 4, the TASS news agency reported on Thursday citing the Ministry of Transport. The ministry said the train link would be suspended until further notice as part of wider measures aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus in Russia. The train runs through Belarus, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and Monaco.

27/02/2020 UK

Disruption possible to rail and road travel as snow and ice warnings issued for most of the country.

26/02/2020 Italy - Coronavirus UPDATE

ALGERIA: All passengers from abroad, and in particular from areas exposed to contagion in the world, including Italy, are subjected to thermal and health checks at the airport. For suspected cases, isolation and transfer to a dedicated hospital facility is provided. In case of a positive test, the Algerian authorities foresee the quarantine and the reinforced medical check up in specialized structures for a period of 14 days.

BRASIL: Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency of the Brazilian Ministry of Health) has adopted a control procedure on direct flights arriving from Italy at San Paolo International Airport, which involves boarding some inspectors of the agency, the formulation of a series of questions for public health purposes, in particular to the crew, and the reading by the crew on board to the passengers, before disembarking, of an informative message that calls for preventive measures to avoid the transmission of the illness and the need to seek medical attention if symptoms such as fever, cough or breathing difficulties occur.

BELARUS: Belarusian health authorities introduced specific health protocols for passengers arriving from Italy. The new procedures involve the compilation of a questionnaire on board the aircraft in which the passenger will have to provide a series of information aimed at facilitating their possible availability in case of symptoms of the virus. Upon arrival at Minsk airport, passengers are normally subjected to a body temperature measurement. Passengers with fever are accompanied to an ad hoc health facility inside the airport to further checks.

BULGARIA: All passengers from Italy are required to complete a questionnaire upon arrival. For all passengers arriving in Bulgaria who have a body temperature above 37 degrees, consultation is provided in the specialized health facility set up at the airport. Air Bulgaria has announced the cancellation of flights to and from Milan until March 27.

COLOMBIA: Colombian authorities ordered enhanced health checks for travelers from China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Thailand and Italy. Border authorities will check whether these group of people traveled in one of the these countries for the past 14 days. In this case, travelers will be examined by local health authorities which will transfer them to a service center if symptoms are compatible with COVID-19.

CROATIA: Local health authorities have adopted specific control measures against people from Italy on the land border with Slovenia; ad hoc containers have been set up for mobile epidemiological units. In particular, all people from Italy will be subjected to checks relating to places of origin, places of destination and length of stay in Croatia. People from the four Italian regions considered at risk (Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Piedmont and Veneto) will be subjected to health checks. People who exhibit flu symptoms (fever, cough, etc.) will be placed in immediate isolation in the infectious disease units at Croatian hospitals. People who are free from flu symptoms will be admitted to the country but will be subject to daily health checks by the local health authorities for 14 days and will have to communicate their movements. The people without symptoms who intend to enter and leave the country on the same day will be guaranteed access and circulation in the country without further health checks for the day in question.

CUBA: The Cuban airport authorities have prepared a health protocol for passengers from Italy, consisting of routine medical and health checks. The local authorities will provide information on the possible assistance to be requested from the specialized "Instituto de Medicina Tropical - Pedro Kouri" facility in case of Italian citizens manifest symptoms compatible with COVID-19.

CYPRUS: The Cypriot Ministry of Health has tightened control measures on travelers arriving at Larnaca and Paphos airports. All people from the Italian regions of Veneto and Lombardy - as well as those from China, Japan, South Korea and Iran - will have to fill in an information sheet and will be subjected to a body temperature check. In the absence of symptoms or previous direct contact with virus carriers, they will be invited to limit their movements in crowded areas, to monitor their health and to contact an emergency number in case of symptoms of respiratory infection in the 14 days following the arrival in the country. In the event of symptoms already detectable at the airport and / or of declared contacts with virus carriers, travelers could be transferred to a specific external medical facility for further investigations.

EGYPT: The Egyptian authorities have ordered the introduction of medical checks for all passengers arriving from China (mainland China, Administrative Regions of Macao and Hong Kong), Taiwan, Thailand , Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea and Singapore and also for all passengers from Italy. Medical checks consist of detecting body temperature and, if the patient has a high fever, in urgent hospitalization and isolation. It is also required the compilation of a card with the passenger data and the contact details of residence in Egypt.

EL SALVADOR: The authorities of El Salvador forbidden anyone from South Korea and Italy to enter the country. Salvadoran citizens returning from these countries will have to undergo a 15-day quarantine period.

GEORGIA: In addition to the block of direct flights with China, hermo-screening and epidemiological analyzes are planned for those arriving from the People's Republic of China; the same measures will also apply to those who come from Iran or to those who have traveled to the country within the past two weeks before arrival. Air traffic blockade with Iran has also been ordered. Health protocols similar to those introduced for China and Iran (starting from thermo-screening) are applied at the discretion of the local authorities also to passengers from Italy by air or to Italian citizens entering from land borders, with the possibility of refusing entry (or health checks) in the presence of symptoms suspected, based on evaluation by local medical and police authorities. The extension of this provision to other countries with a high incidence of infections or in any case from areas at risk is not excluded.

GREECE: The Greek authorities have foreseen the adoption of preventive measures to avoid the spread of the infection. On February 25, 2020, a legislative provision was issued which provides for the possibility, in case of need, of health checks for citizens arriving from areas of high diffusion of Covid-19 and for all people for whom there are reasonable suspicions that they may transmit the disease directly or indirectly. For suspected cases, isolation and transfer to a hospital designated by the Greek Ministry of Health will be provided.

JORDAN: The government has forbidden the entry of all travelers from Italy, with the exception of Jordanian citizens. Travelers who have traveled to Italy, China, South Korea and Iran in the 14 days prior to arrival in Jordan will be denied an entry visa.

KYRGYZSTAN: The Kyrgyz authorities ordered containment measures of controls for travelers arriving on the territory (airports and land borders). Those who have traveled or passed through China and exhibit symptoms will undergo a 14-day isolation period. Those who have passed through China in the last 2 months, even in the absence of specific symptoms, will undergo a mandatory quarantine of about 48 hours in an equipped facility near Bishkek airport. Travelers from Italy, on the basis of passport and boarding pass checks, will undergo a 14-day precautionary quarantine regime in a facility set up in a barracks outside the capital Bishkek. The suspension of commercial air links with mainland China (Bishkek - Urumqi) and the closure of land borders between China and Kyrgyzstan have been ordered.

INDIA: The Indian authorities announced that passengers arriving from Italy or who have visited Italy since 10 February last could be subjected to a 14-day quarantine on arrival in India. We also inform you that, following new measures adopted by the Indian Ministry of the Interior, non-Indian citizens currently present in China with Indian visa released before 05/02/2020 are not authorized to enter India.

IRAQ: The Iraqi authorities closed the borders with Iran and forbidden the entry to travelers coming - directly or in transit - from the People's Republic of China, Iran, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and 'Italy. The population in the country has also been asked to avoid trips to the Najaf province, while schools and universities will remain closed for 10 days. There are currently no restrictions on the entry of Italian citizens into Iraqi Kurdistan, where only travelers from China and Iran are forbidden to enter.

IRELAND: The Irish government makes some recommendations to those who have been in the last 14 days, before arriving in the country, in one of the affected areas, which currently include China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Iran and the four Italian regions of Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and Piedmont. Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms of infection is encouraged to self-isolate and contact their primary care physician. The same is required of those who, in the last 14 days, have been in close contact with confirmed cases of contagion from COVID 19 or have visited a health facility where patients with COVID-19 have been hospitalized. Anyone who has gone to one of the aforementioned affected areas in the past 14 days and has no symptoms should not go into self-isolation, but is still invited to contact the Irish health service.

ISRAEL: Anyone who has been to Italy, Taiwan or Australia in the 14 days prior to arrival in Israel and develops symptoms compatible with COVID-19 will have to undergo medical and health checks according to the guidelines of the Israeli Ministry of Health.

KAZAKHSTAN: Local authorities have ordered that, starting from 25 February, at Bratislava airport, a reinforced check will be carried out on all passengers arriving from Italy. Each passenger on board of carriers bound for Slovakia will have to fill in a form, which will allow identification and traceability even after landing in the country.

KUWAIT: Local authorities have ordered that any foreign national who has been to China or the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macao or Iran in the two weeks preceding the attempt to enter Kuwait will be denied entry, even in the presence of a valid visa or residence permit. The country also announced the suspension of all air traffic to / from Iran, Italy, South Korea and Thailand.

LATVIA: Local authorities require passengers arriving on flights from Milan, Bergamo, Venice and Verona to complete, at the airport, a form issued by the local Prevention and Disease Control Center, in which to indicate the region of origin, the places recently visited as well as the expected duration and place of stay in Latvia.

MALTA: The Government of Malta has strengthened control measures on travelers arriving by air and sea. All people from areas where cases of infection have occurred, including the Italian regions of Lombardy, Veneto, Piedmont and Emilia Romagna, are invited to contact the health authorities and undergo a 14-day voluntary quarantine. Instead, there is a mandatory quarantine for those with suspicious symptoms. The Maltese authorities are also preparing forms that travelers must fill out before disembarking. Cruise passengers and crew members of merchant ships will undergo thermal screening.

MAURITIUS: The Authorities of Mauritius have denied access to travelers from the following Italian regions: Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Romagna; as well as travelers from China and South Korea.

MONGOLIA: Local authorities have ordered, as a precaution, from February 7th until March 2nd, the ban on entry into their territory for all foreign citizens or stateless holders of visas who have traveled to mainland China after 1 January 2020. Passenger traffic by land in Zamin-Uud, a large railway junction on the eastern border along the "Transmongolian" railway line that goes directly to Beijing, was also stopped. The country has also announced the suspension of air links with South Korea. Also, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Mongolia is strengthening health checks at the entrance and local authorities can order investigations and any restrictive measures against travelers from countries where there are active outbreaks of infection, including Italy.

MONTENEGRO: Passengers from Italy, in addition to a check by medical personnel, are required to complete a questionnaire (also in English) with their personal data, communicating the presence of any symptoms attributable to the coronavirus, as well as the subscription of a form (only in local language) with information on the stay in the country (address, duration, telephone number of availability). Each traveler, in the following two weeks, will have to report updates to their health twice a day to a specific telephone number.

MOROCCO: All passengers arriving in Morocco must complete the "fiche sanitaire du passager", a form to report their general information and some useful information for the purpose of health monitoring. In addition, systematic thermal controls have been introduced for passengers from Italy at the airports of Casablanca, Marrakech, Agadir, Fes, Rabat and Tangier and at the ports of Casablanca and Tangier. For suspected cases, isolation and transfer to hospitals equipped with a suitable department is foreseen. Moroccan authorities may adopt additional health and thermal controls or quarantine measures based on the assessments of the competent local health authorities.

POLAND: At Polish airports, an increase in body temperature controls is expected on passengers returning directly from Italy and China.

ROMANIA: Romanian authorities are adopting 14-day home quarantine and control measures for travelers from locations affected by the coronavirus. In particular, all asymptomatic travelers in the areas most affected, respectively the Chinese province of Hubei and the Italian locations subject to specific ordinance of Lombardy and Veneto, will be placed directly in quarantine, for a period of 14 days. Travelers from other locations in the Lombardy and Veneto will be asked for voluntary home isolation for 14 days from arrival in Romania.

SAMOA: On February 24, the Ministry of Health of Samoa established that travelers coming (or in transit) from Italy will be admitted to the country only if they have spent 14 days of quarantine in a country where coronavirus cases have not occurred and are certified medical (no older than 3 days) that excludes the infection.

SEYCHELLES: With the exception of Seychelles citizens and residents of the country, local authorities have banned all airlines with direct flights to the Seychelles from embarking passengers who have been to Italy, China, South Korea and Iran in the past 14 days. Likewise, passengers arriving by sea will not be able to disembark if they have been Italy, China, South Korea and Iran in the past 14 days. All returning residents who have been to Italy, China, South Korea and Iran will be placed under mandatory quarantine for 14 days on arrival.

SLOVAKIA: Local authorities have ordered that, starting from 25 February, at Bratislava airport, a reinforced check will be carried out on all passengers arriving from Italy. Each passenger on board of carriers bound for Slovakia will have to fill in a form, which will allow identification and traceability even after landing in the country.

SOUTH AFRICA: Checks at airports on all passengers have been tightened, especially for those coming from China and Italy. All travelers will be systematically subjected to temperature checks and they will be asked for information on the itinerary and the place of origin (in particular for travelers from Italian regions where multiple cases have been registered).

TURKEY: Local authorities have ordered the suspension of flights to / from Iran until further notice. Local authorities have also strengthened airport health checks. In particular, thermoscanners for body temperature measurement were activated in Istanbul. In the event that symptoms compatible with COVID-19 are detected, local health authorities may order the application of additional health protection measures.

UKRAINA: The Ukrainian health authorities have announced the control of body temperature ("screening") for all people from Italy, both across the land borders, in particular that with Hungary, which at international airports where mobile epidemiological units have been set up. People with symptoms of the disease will be placed in temporary isolation and under observation to be eventually transferred to the infectious disease wards of specialized Ukrainian hospitals.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: All passengers arriving at UAE airports are subjected to body temperature measurement. If, once in the country, you go to the hospital for symptoms compatible with COVID-19 and you come from a country considered "at risk" coronavirus (including Italy), the local health authorities will be able to arrange for quarantine measures.

UNITED VIETNAM: The Vietnamese government ordered the closure of borders with China from 30 January and the suspension of flights with China from 4 February. Anyone entering the country must complete a specific health declaration. Since February 5, the authorities have denied entry to those who have stayed in China in the 14 days prior to their arrival in Vietnam. We also inform you that the closure of kindergartens, schools and universities (national and international) has been ordered for the entire month of February 2020. The local authorities reserve the right to adopt restrictive measures at the entrance, up to the rejection at the border, with little or no notice, even towards travelers from other risk areas, including Italy. For further information and updates, please consult the health section of the sheet and the Focus Coronavirus on the homepage of this site.

ZAMBIA: All passengers arriving at Lusaka international airport (as well as at any other point of entry in the country) are subjected to temperature control and requested to complete a questionnaire on origin and state of health as well as to provide the address and contacts in Zambia. Specifically to Italy, different measures are envisaged according to the area of ​​origin. In the case of people from areas affected by the infection (eg Lombardy): - Voluntary quarantine of 14 days is imposed on asymptomatic passengers at their home with a ban on exiting (both telephone and sample physical checks are carried out). In the event of failure to comply with this obligation, the person concerned will be immediately taken to the specifically set up insulation structure (Tubalange Hospital). - Passengers with symptoms are immediately transported to the mentioned isolation center until ascertained that healing has taken place. - In the case of passengers coming from areas not affected by the infection, the check foreseen for everyone is carried out on arrival, personal data are acquired and it is recommended to contact the local Authorities in case symptoms arise. These people are allowed to enter the country. The procedures described above are applied to all travelers from any area affected by the infection in any country regardless of their citizenship.

The information in this post is accurate as of Feb. 26 at 09:00 pm and it should not be construed as legal advice. Form more detail www.viaggiaresicuri.it/home

26/02/2020 Finland

Due to an unexpected walk out by Finnish Aviation Labor Union's (IAU) there are delays and cancellations expected on Finnair flights on Wednesday, 26 February. Passengers are advised to check with the airline for further information regarding the status of their flights.

26/02/2020 Austria, China

Air China will cancel flights between Beijing and Vienna, Austria, from Feb. 28 through March 20 due to a lack of passengers, a Vienna Airport spokesman said on Wednesday.

26/02/2020 South Korea

CDC recommends that travelers avoid all nonessential travel to South Korea. There is limited access to adequate medical care in affected areas.

26/02/2020 France

UPDATE Pilots at Air France's domestic carrier Hop! plan to carry out a second day of strikes on Thursday as they press for improved pay and conditions, the SNPL union announced.

A first day of action caused minimal disruption on Monday, Air France-KLM said, predicting that a "near totality" of regional services would run again on 27 February, with flights to and from Paris unaffected.

Trade unions representing pilots at Air France's HOP! airline said on Wednesday that they had voted to extend their strike action. The unions said in a statement that their strike, which had begun on 24 February, would carry on through to 27 February, and then for one day per week through to April.

Passengers should contact the airline to verify flight status.

24/02/2020 Air France Hop pilots confirm 24-hour strike on 24 February. At the call of the SNPL (National Union of Line Pilots), the 750 pilots of the short and medium-haul subsidiary of Air France, Hop, are called to stop work. A 24-hour strike that could impact the 340 flights planned for the day to varying degrees.

Long-Haul flights, as well as Short and Medium-Haul flights operated by an Air France "Airbus" aircraft, or other airlines aircraft, will not affected by this strike.

26/02/2020 India, Singapore, Thailand

Vistara has canceled over 50 flights to Bangkok and Singapore in March 2020, due to the coronavirus outbreak that has reduced demand for travel to southeast Asia.

Air India has already enforced cuts on Singapore flights and GoAir has stopped them.

IndiGo is like to take a call on this issue shortly. Last week, India asked its citizens to avoid nonessential travel to Singapore and is screening passengers coming from there due to the coronavirus outbreak.

26/02/2020 Canada, China, Hong Kong

Air Canada is extending its suspension of flights between Canada and mainland China until April as the number of coronavirus cases — and the number of countries affected — continues to grow. The country's largest domestic and international airline announced Tuesday that service to Beijing and Shanghai will be cancelled until April 10. The company initially grounded flights for the month of February after the federal government issued an advisory warning against non-essential travel to China. The carrier also is extending the suspension of its daily Toronto-Hong Kong flights until April 30 due to reduced demand, and says it will accommodate customers already booked on those flights on its non-stop Vancouver-Hong Kong flights.

26/02/2020 Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi's Etihad Airways has suspended flights to Hong Kong until March 28, the airline said on Wednesday, citing a drop in demand. The UAE suspended all flights to mainland China, except Beijing, on Feb. 5 amid the coronavirus outbreak there. Etihad has suspended flights to Hong Kong since Feb. 21, it said.

26/02/2020 China, Egypt

UPDATE Egyptair said it would postpone the resumption of its flights to and from China because of the new coronavirus outbreak. The Egyptian national airliner first suspended its flights to China on Feb.1, and had said it would resume services from Thursday.

20/02/20 Egyptair to resume some China fights from week of 24 February.

26/02/2020 Iran, Kazakhstan, South Korea

Kazakhstan plans to suspend flights to and from Iran from March 1 because of the spread of coronavirus in the Gulf nationy. Kazakhstan will also reduce the number of flights to and from South Korea, another country with a large number of coronavirus cases, he told a briefing.

25/02/2020 Canada

UPDATE Thousands of commuters had their morning routines disrupted Tuesday after a blockade popped up on a popular rail line near Hamilton and halted passenger train service. GO Train service in Hamilton and all points on the route to Niagara Falls, Ont., has been stopped since Monday evening, said Metrolinx spokeswoman Anne Marie Aikins.

21/02/202 Via Rail says its service will resume Thursday morning in southwestern Ontario.
The passenger rail company says it received a notification from CN Rail allowing a resumption of service in the area.
All trains running between Toronto-London-Windsor, Toronto-Sarnia and Toronto-Niagara will resume service but may face delays for operational and safety reasons.
Partial service is also set to resume between Quebec City, Montreal and Ottawa beginning Thursday with full service available on weekends.
Other Via Rail services are not operating with the exception of Sudbury-White River and Churchill-The Pas until the end of day Thursday.

25/02/2020 Japan, Kuwait, Singapore

Kuwait suspends all flights to, from Singapore and Japan because of coronavirus.

25/02/2020 Lebanon

The Lebanese government decided to restrict flights to countries with coronavirus outbreaks and to completely halt flights for pilgrims, the information minister said after a cabinet meeting on Tuesday. Lebanese Muslims regularly fly to Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia on pilgrimage. Lebanon declared its first confirmed case of coronavirus on Friday, a 45-year-old woman who had returned from Iran.

25/02/2020 Italy

Several trade unions that were planning a nationwide aviation strike on Tuesday, February 25, have postponed the work stoppage to Thursday, April 2, due to the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Italy. However, Alitalia representatives said that it was too late to restore their original flight schedule after the airline pre-emptively canceled several flights scheduled outside of peak times on Tuesday, as well as some flights in the morning (local time) of Wednesday, February 26. Moreover, a transport union with staff servicing Milan's Malpensa Airport (MXP) is planning to proceed with their original strike scheduled between 10:00 and 14:00 on Tuesday.

25/02/2020 Iran, United Arab Emirates

Dubai International Airport suspends Iran flights with exception of flights to Tehran because of coronavirus.

25/02/2020 Bahrain, United Arab Emirates

Bahrain civil aviation authority suspends all flights from Dubai and Sharjah airports for 48 hours because of coronavirus.

25/02/2020 Cile

Hotel O'Higgins suspends operations indefinitely in Vina del Mar after acts of violence by protesters.

25/02/2020 Italy

UPDATE Air traffic service strike planned for 24, 25 February has been canceled

23/02/2020 Alitalia cancels flights on 25 February because of 24h planned aviation strikes. As a consequence, Alitalia was also forced to cancel some flights on the late evening of 24 February and on the early morning of 26 February.
Flights due to depart during peak times between 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. will operate as scheduled.
Alitalia has also released a list of canceled flights. Click here for the full list.

25/02/2020 Italy, Kuwait, South Korea, Thailand

Kuwait civil aviation authority suspends all flights to, from Italy, South Korea and Thailand because of coronavirus.

24/02/2020 UK

South Western Railway (SWR) has confirmed two further dates for strike action in a long-running dispute over the role of guards on trains.

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union will walk out between 10:00 GMT on 9 March and 09:59 on 10 March.

They plan to strike again between 10:00 on 12 March and 09:59 on 13 March.

24/02/2020 Iran, Oman, Turkey, Tajikistan

UPDATE The Tasnim News Agency reported that a spokesperson for the Iranian Customs Administration said the Mehran border crossing on the common border with Iraq reopened on Monday morning, 24 February.

According to Ruhollah Latifi, the Mehran border crossing in western Iran reopened at 10:45 a.m. local time on Monday.

Meanwhile, director of the Iranian Customs Administration in Bilesavar in the northwestern province of Ardabil has dismissed rumor about the closure of border crossing with Azerbaijan.

Ramin Zahiri said on Monday that the customs office in the border city is doing its regular activities, noting that Iran and Azerbaijan are working in cooperation to identify suspicious cases of the novel coronavirus at the border crossing.

The traffic of vehicles and the travels between the two neighbors are underway in the normal way, he added.

Iran’s Health Minister said on Monday that the number of people who have died from the coronavirus in the country has risen to 12 and the total number of confirmed cases to 47.

Meanwhile, Kuwait and Bahrain reported their first cases of the virus, while Turkey, Pakistan and Armenia closed their borders with Iran.

24/02/2020 h 16:30 Oman halts all flights to Iran because of coronavirus outbreak; Pakistan closes border.

Turkish Airlines cancels flights to four Iranian cities, decreases frequency of flights to Tehran until 27 February.

Tajikistan suspends flights to, from Iran because of coronavirus.

24/02/2020 Spain

Aena, the Spanish airport operator, reported that flights are being affected at La Palma and El Hierro airports on the Canary Islands for 24 February, the third consecutive day, because of sandstorm in Calima.

Arriving flights at Gran Canaria Airport are also being hit by significant delays on Monday, according to Eurocontrol.

Passengers are advised to check with their airline for further information regarding the status of their flights.

24/02/2020 Asia

Singapore Airlines has canceled some flights to Indonesia until the end of May, including those of subsidiary Silk Air.
The canceled flights are:
- Singapore Airlines
SQ968 Singapore-Jakarta on March 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 17, 21, 26 and 28
SQ951 Jakarta-Singapore on March 4, 6, 8, 11, 13, 15, 18, 22, 27 and 29

- SilkAir
MI224 Singapore-Surabaya on March 11 and 18
MI223 Surabaya-Singapore on March 11 and 18
MI142 Singapore-Makassar on Feb. 24; March 2; April 27
MI141 Makassar-Singapore on Feb. 24; March 2; April 27
MI196 Singapore-Bandung on April 7, 14, 21 and 28; May 5 and 12
MI195 Bandung-Singapore on April 7, 14, 21 and 28; May 5 and 12
MI138 Singapore-Balikpapan on April 24
MI137 Balikpapan-Singapore on April 24
MI134 Singapore-Balikpapan on May 18
MI133 Balikpapan-Singapore on May 18

The airline has also canceled its services from Singapore to other Southeast Asian destinations, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam and Cambodia.

24/02/2020 South Korea, Macau, Vietnam

The Macau Government appealed to residents not to travel to South Korea, due to the “fast” rise of confirmed cases of new coronavirus in the past few days and announced the cancellation of flights to the country.
Bamboo Airways (Vietnam) suspends flights between Da Nang/Nha Trang and Seoul from 26 February because of coronavirus outbreak.